Anna Rodriguez
Camille Boitel
Les Colporteurs (Agathe et Antoine Rigot)
Étienne Comar
François Berdeaux
Fouad Boussouf
Hervé Sika
Jann Gallois
Jérôme Thomas
Mouard Merzouki
Muriel Picquart
Nicole Garcia
Raphaëlle Boitel
Robin Campillo
Vincent Lanoo
Vincent Mariette

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Multi-instrumentalist, actress, dancer, circus performer, author of her own texts and possessing an obvious proteiform artistic sense, Aloïse Sauvage has a passionate career.

Trained at the Fratellini Academy, School of Circus Arts, with an acro-dance specialty. she works for both contemporary circus directors and choreographers; we can see her for exemple in all Raphaëlle Boitel's shows.

Spotted at the exit of his school by the one who will become his agent, Aloise also plays on camera. She has worked with Vincent Lannoo (Trepalium, broadcast on ARTE), Nicole Garcia (Stoned), Etienne Comar (Django), Robin Campillo (120 beats per minute) and Vincent Mariette (Les Fauves, 2018).

On the music side, she released her first two tracks in the fall of 2017 and is preparing the sequel for 2018, alternating concerts and writing.

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